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How to Replace L10 Motor

How to change over:

  1. Open the hood
  2. Run the blind to the bottom (this might be the longest/hardest step/ might need to take the skin out)
  3. Disconnect the axle
  4. Unscrew the motor from the outside
  5. Cut the cord closest to the motor
  6. Strip the wire
  7. Screw in new motor
  8. Strip the motors wire (we recommend 5-10cm away from the motor - give you a little bit of room to get your hands in there)
  9. Connect old and new wires (please choose your own way - black tape - solder - heat tape - connectors)
  10. Tuck cord in between motor and box and make sure it wont rattle out (black tape helps.
  11. Go inside and make sure the motor works (if not make sure your wire are connected correctly)
  12. Press down and wait till it stops (bottom limit is now set)
  13. Reconnect axle (axle should go in almost where it started - blades should be 50mm+ from the top of the hood)
  14. Run motor up and down (top limits will set them selves if stoppers are correct)
  15. Put the hood back on.
  16. Now its time to relax :)

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