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How to remove a roller shutter blade

How to remove a roller shutter blade

This easy guide will show you how to remove a damaged roller shutters blade, or your shutter might have too many blades.


If you have too many blades the shutter will do a jiggle when moving up, about 5cm from the bottom

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Tools Required

  • Drill
  • Pop riveter
  • Side cutter
  • Pop rivets or screw
  • Flat screw driver

How to replace a damaged roller shutter blade


  1. Remove hood - drill out pop rivets
  2. Push up skin or remove skin from guide
  3. Cut side stopper with side cutters
  4. Slide skin out
  5. Remove damaged blade
  6. Reattach skin
  7. Place skin back in the guide
  8. Run shutter up and down
  9. Reattach hood

Help video on how to remove a roller shutter blade


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