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How To Open A Roller Shutter Winder Box.

How To Open A Roller Shutter Winder Box.

  1. Open roller shutter box
  2. place a firm grip on the metal cog
  3. Bend the frame slightly so plastic cog can be moved out
  4. Unwind roller shutter tape
  5. Place plastic cog back onto pin
  6. Bend frame again so plastic cog can be put back in
  7. Make sure roller shutter tape has no twist in it
  8. Put tape into top exit pulley wheel
  9. Make sure lid is on correctly
  10. Screw small screws into place

Link to Roller Shutter Winder Box: https://rollershuttersaustralia.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/internal-combo-kit-strap-winder-box-strap-roller


we recommend buying the combo kit at it will have the designed handle and top roller, most of the time breaking can be cause by the older top rollers.

Roller Shutter Tape.

We have worked with lower quality system in the past and have found that they fault holding the weight of a roller shutters, we recommend this system as we have used it for over 20 year and still have client that purchased shutters from us that are still on their 1sy box.