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How To Fix A Roller Shutter Motor

How to fix a roller shutter motor  - L10 ODS Motor Part # 15.121.000

We are going to be upfront here and say we don't recommend that you repair the motor but replace it.

How to replace the L10 Ozroll motor.

Please watch video to confirm steps

  1. confirm screw location, as seen in video the screws will be closer to the front and about 5 inches apart. this will confirm that you have a L10 motor.
  2. Remove front cover.
  3. Make the shutter go all the way down. If not you might need to remove a blade from the skin and unroll by hand, we normally leave the skin in the guides
  4. Remove Axle- See idle end to remove axle
  5. Remove motor
  6. Cut wire
  7. Strip wire
  8. Cut new motor wire
  9. Strip new wires
  10. Screw new motor in
  11. Join new and old wires together (joiners, tape or solder will work)
  12. Run shutter down(without the axle in) this will set the bottom limit.
  13. Reconnect axle
  14. Run shutter up, the top stopper should set the limit
  15. Pop rivet hood back on